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The heroine known as Sandarme (French for Saint-at-arms; a variation of the Gendarme) was born Veronique St. Renard in Paris, France. She excelled in her studies and graduated from enseignement secondaire at age 15. She entered Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University to study Physics and Engineering at age 16. By 20 she was getting her Doctorate in Engineering at the prestigious École Polytechnique and followed that with advanced studies in Robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. By 24 she was regarded as one of the world’s best experts in her field of Weapon Engineering. She found employment as a French Government expert with Dassault Aviation (makers of the Mirage) and Nexter (makers of the LeClerc MBT). Her primary function was working on nextgen weapons for the French military. Eventually she was tasked with developing an exo-battle suit for the French Army. She spent five years on the project before budget cuts shut the program down. When she was packing her office thieves broke in to steal the prototype battle suit. Determined not to let the prototype fall into the wrong hands Veronique donned the suit and fought off the thieves. Feeling the adrenaline rush Veronique took the suit with her and finished it in her garage. She then took to the skies as a hero for France under the name Sandarme. The suit provides Veronique with enhanced strength (12 tons), durability, flight (via jetpack and leg rocket boosters, the wings are for stability and steering), mini rockets, sensors, create energy shields, and energy beams. She also has a laser pistol and rifle. Veronique is also a minor technopath. She can analyze and decipher most earth made equipment. She has advanced degrees in many scientific areas and is considered an expert in robotics, mechanical engineering, physics, computers, chemistry, weapons development and nuclear physics. She is a poor hand to hand combatant and will stay away from her opponent if she can.