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Benjamin “Big Bear” Bigalow was your typical high school jock and bully in Wisconsin. He excelled at football, wrestling and detention. After graduating from high school and blowing a full athletic scholarship at Wisconsin for partying, Big Bear found a job working as a farm hand, road crew member, janitor, anything he could find. He even completed training as a bail jumper retriever, or bounty hunter. Low on funds and depressed Big Bear went to a bar to get drunk. After having 30 beers he staggered out and was accosted by some street punks looking for an easy mark. Big Bear got angry and attacked them; they shot him multiple times but the bullets bounced off his body. The street punks left and when Big Bear checked to see if he had been hit, he realized he was unscathed. Testing himself he discovered he was now super strong with tough skin. He rededicated his life to helping others and became a meta human bounty hunter. He crossed paths with Warmage while on the trail of Speed Demon and is currently partnered with fellow bounty hunter Skipchaser. Big Bear is a biokinetic. He is super strong (25 ton range), highly developed smell, hearing and vision, has thick skin and heals faster than a normal human.