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Esteban DeCortez came from a wealthy and distinguished Spanish family. He could trace his ancestry to conquistadors and was brought up with a silver spoon. Attending the finest private school and becoming a lawyer in Madrid Esteban was a ruthless but successful criminal defense attorney. One case had him defending a known criminal drug dealing multi-rapist Esteban got his client off even though he knew his client was guilty. Out on the court steps Esteban was conducting his press conference with his client when a mob of parents of the victims attacked the press conference and one of the parents threw a vial of acid at the client. The client shoved Esteban into the path of the acid bottle and the acid broke open over Estebans body. Taken to the hospital Doctors feared Esteban was going to die since his body was not healing normally. The acid mixture manifested Estebans dormant GorWol trait and mutated it to the extent where scientists are unable to determine what he should have morphed into. Fleeing the hospital esteban had one thought on his mind, his client was responsible. Tracking him down at his house Esteban easily dispatched the guards and murdered his client in front of the press, then he fled. He was dubbed the Super Beast by the media. His actions brought him into conflict with the ISF and the American Watch when he surfaced in the US. Super Beast looks like a cross between a dark lion and an ape with wings and tusks. He possesses enhanced strength (20 ton range), durability, resistance to elements, limited regeneration, claws, and wings for flight.