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Laura Leupp was a swiss fashion model when during a particularly difficult photo shoot in Jamaica her GorWol trait manifested and she ended up destroying her trailer. People believed the accident was due to faulty wiring but Laura retreated back to her native Swiss Alps and began figuring out what happened to her. When she gained mastery over her powers she decided to become an adventurer, taking the name Nitrogal. Sometimes she worked on the side of the law, sometimes on the other side of the law. This brought her into conflict with both heroes and villains. She has standing feuds with Bombshell, Starpixie, Blood Harpy and Betty Blitzkrieg. Nitrogal has a specific form of nitrokinesis. She can direct energy from her hands and cause focused explosions within 100 yards of her position. Her hands glow a hot pink and then explode when she focuses on her target. Her hands immediately reform seconds later. Her explosions have the same force as 150 lbs of TNT with one hand directed at a target and 250 lbs with two hands directed at a target.