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Walter Johansson was a hardened criminal in Jersey by the time he was 21. After doing five years for aggravated assault he joined up with a newly forming criminal syndicate in Providence as muscle. Noticing the syndicate leader, Kurst, was having difficulties with the local hero Warmage, Walter volunteered to kill the hero if Kurst outfitted with the tools to do the job. Kurst spent money to give Walter everything he needed and Walter spent months killing random people in the city to give Warmage and the police fits trying to solve the serial killer. Walter studied the modus operandi of Warmage and then went after the hero. He almost succeeded in killing the hero but Warmage proved to be resilient and beat Walter unconscious. Before the police apprehended him Walter escaped and began a new life as a villain often battling lesser powered meta humans. He is interested in gaining super powers to better compete with meta humans. Deathaxe has a highly durable double bladed war axe, lightweight but resistant armor and is a good combatant.