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Frank joined the army at 21 and spent the next 20 years serving in a variety of roles and theatres. Retiring with a medical discharge for migraines Frank took a job around the DC area. He seemed to live a comfortable and quiet life yet he yearned for the adrenaline rush of his past employment. When he was walking to work near Foggy Bottom metro stop the villain Gog was advancing towards the Smithsonian museums area when ISF Team DELTA members Thebe and Gravenger attacked Gog. Frank rushed over to provide first responder care to some of the wounded and noticed Gog picking up a metro bus full of people to hurl it at Thebe. Angry and feeling helpless Frank wished there was a way he could save the people in the bus and his GorWol trait manifested. Using his mind he caught the bus in the air and gently placed it on the ground. Stunned by what he had accomplished Frank used his powers to help the beleaguered ISF members drive Gog away. Power Stryke found him the next day and brought him to ISF HQs. Taking the name Warmind he accepted associate membership. Warmind is a telekinetic and a neurokinetic. He can create telekinetic shields, force bolts, levitate and fly. He can also use psychic energy to protect his mind and teleport. He also displays low level telepathy.