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Joseph worked in a casino out in Arizona in their public relations department. He spent his days getting more people to come to the casino or getting more sponsors. On his off time he liked to watch and play golf, perfect for Arizona. One day while he was out getting in a quick 18 holes the super villain Gog started tearing up the golf course searching for something. When golf course security came Gog sliced them in two. Joseph ran near Gog to get an old man away from the villain when Gog slammed his hammer into Josephs chest caving it in and sending him flying. Landing in some trees Joseph though he lay dying when actually his GorWol trait manifested and healed him. He also grew 6 inches and added 50 pounds of muscle. Joseph then tackled Gog from behind and wrestled with him until ISF members came to assist. Noticing how Joseph was able to stand toe to toe with Gog for a few minutes Gunslinger invited Joseph back to ISF HQs for further examination. Joseph accepted associate membership and took the name Guardian. Joseph is a biokinetic. He is super strong (25 ton range), durable and heals five times faster than a normal human. He can use his leg strength to leap long distances.