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David worked in a mundane state job in Virginia Commonwealth as an office manager in Richmond. One day while he was working late on a project he noticed a commotion out on the street. Police sirens were wailing and helicopters were flying overhead. He peeked out of his window and saw an enormous green skinned person wielding weapons with terrible efficiency. The police stood no chance against this villain. Wondering if he was going to get a glimpse of some IFS members David watched until the villain, later identified as Gog, threw a police car through David’s office window. Trying to help the police still trapped in the car David failed to realize the floor to the office was giving way and crumbling. helping the police out of the car David and the police car fell 15 stories. David thought he was going to die until his GorWol trait manifested and he found himself flying. When the ISF RESERVE Team showed up David assisted them in driving Gog away and helped in rescue operations. After the chaos settled Stargazer invited David to stay with the ISF for a while to learn how to use his powers. David then accepted associate membership taking the name Solarblaze. David is a radiakinetic and thermakinetic. He can absorb sunlight and radiation to shoot energy beams, fly, weaken foes by dousing them with radiation, resist extreme heat and flames and absorb other forms of energy. He also displays a limited ability to heal himself and others with thermal radiation, generate radiation shields specific to certain energy attacks and raise or lower the temperature in his surrounding area. He is one person who will never get another sunburn unless he is actually near the sun.