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Helmutt Junker was born in Bavaria and lived outside of Munich. His family moved from Prussia to Bavaria after WW2. Although they had fallen on hard times they still had a noble demeanor. Helmutt was the black sheep of the family. Helmutt was always in trouble and after barely finishing school he entered the Streitkräfte (German Army) with intentions of joining the Stadtallendorf (Special Forces Division). Helmutt was a disruptive soldier and found out that discipline was not one of his virtues and ho only made it to the rank of Stabsgefreiter before punching an officer and spending time in military prison. After his release he joined a Munich Criminal Syndicate as muscle and enforcer. During a shoot out with German Police Helmutt was wounded and the shock of the wound triggered his GorWol trait. Helmutt was ecstatic and killed a few policemen before he fled. He took the name Warmonger and began robbing banks and jewelry stores across Germany until he was stopped by Vargr and Vicca. He fled to the US where he found employment under Deacon Kurst and fought Warmage many times. His next stop was in Colombia working for the FARC where he crossed paths with Lancero. Eventually he returned to the states working as a Meta enforcer for Kurst. Warmonger is a biokinetic and ergokinetic. He can lift 15 tons, is resistant to attacks and can discharge energy force blasts from his hands. He can also fly by projecting the energy behind him but he cannot use his hands for anything else while in flight. He is an able unarmed combatant and is a cold blooded killer.