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Cayden was a social worker in Detroit when her GorWol trait manifested after a particularly hectic day at the office. Taking the name Shocktriss she became an untrained vigilante until she was recruited by the ISF. Shocktriss is an Electrokinetic. She has powerful Biolectrikinesis, Electrogenisis and some Electrophysiology powers. She possesses the ability to bodily generate electrostatic energy which he can release or harness for a number of effects. As she expends her electrostatic energy, her body automatically begins to recharge the stores. She can mentally control the amount of electricity she discharges, anywhere from a single volt to a full 5,000,000 recorded volt charge at once. She can discharge tremendous amounts of electrical energy for offensive and defensive abilities. Her offensive abilities include electrical blasts, electrical enhancement to melee damage, and target neutralizing electrical hold attacks. Her defensive powers include ion skin, an electric protective sheath to resist damage (better against energy attacks) and recharging/healing her body from draining ambient electricity in the area. She has lightning fast reflexes and can run at super speeds (300 mph). She is a current member of ISF Team BRAVO.