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James loved helping people out and he loved education. He spent all of his time after graduating from college either working in or attending Universities. He accomplished two goals in his life, getting a doctorate in education and finding his perfect job at the CIA…the Culinary Institute of America. He spent countless hours mentoring and helping the students deal with the hectic schedule at the school and he was loved by all. That all changed one day when Gog raided the school looking for food after a particularly nasty fight with some ISF Team CHARLIE members near Albany. As James was helping to evacuate students from one of the kitchen labs Gog threw him threw a wall and that stress activated his GorWol trait. James used his powers to hold Gog off until ISF Team CHARLIE tracked him down and subdued him. Afterwards ISF brought James to their HQs and helped him learn how to better control his powers. He took the name Illuminator and began protecting NYS as a hero. Illuminator has photokinetic powers. He can discharge pure beams of light energy that can damage, blind or burn targets. He can also use his photokinetic powers to fly, create shields and force fields and shape simple constructs. He has displayed some skill at creating light based illusions. He also bought a “Physics for Dummies” book since his powers fall under that science and not under his specialty of education.