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Ishikawa Edogawa was a Japanese college student studying history and a practicing Buddhist. Edogawa became enamored of the Sohei warrior monks and was writing his thesis on their contribution to Japanese society. One day while riding the Maglav to Tokyo, Edogawa observed Yakuza members accosting some people on the train. Edogawa rushed to their aid and disarmed a few with some Judo moves. The Yakuza then focused their attention on Edogawa and some shot at him. His GorWol trait activated and he protected himself with a psychic shield. The Yakuza ran away and Edogawa got off at the next stop. He went to the closest Buddhist temple and began to pray. He heard a voice telling him to use his abilities to protect the innocent. He decided to be a modern day Sohei and trained with his powers until he could instantly summon a psychic energy Naginata and O-yoroi Samurai armor. He fought against many Yakuza clans across Japan and he eventually accepted associate membership in the ISF. Sohei is a psionkinetic. He can use psionic energies to create armor and weapons, which he forms into traditional Japanese versions. He can instantly summon the armor and weapon with but a thought. He is also well versed in Judo and is learning Shotokan Karate.