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Dimitar Hristov was a brutish Bulgarian club bouncer/crime thug in Sofia when a rival criminal gang targeted him for termination following his public beating of the rival leaders son. Dimitar was shot 6 times and almost died in the hospital. Succumbing to a coma while recovering, Dimitar’s GorWol trait activated just as the rival gang was in the hospital to finish the job. Dimitar transformed into a 7 foot tall, green skinned, ogrish looking being and easily crushed his would be assassins. Remembering from his youth his religious mother telling him he would turn into the evil biblical giant Gog if he kept his wicked ways Dimitar accepted his lot and chose the name Gog for his new persona. He was mysteriously outfitted with heavy titanium alloyed weapons and armor and sent to kill Bronco Billy. He almost succeeded save for Genie’s intervention. He has fought Mythic, Kataphraktos, Thebe, Gorilla King and Skulljagger. Gog enjoys the violence and does not care who he fights as long as he wins. Gog is a powerful biokinetic. He is super strong (25 ton range), has thick skin, leaping ability and above average reflexes for his size. He also has a limited form of regeneration and can heal from most wounds in days. His senses of smell and hearing are highly developed. He is armed with a sword, hammer and axe and wears armor as well. He is very hard to kill.