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Lewys Cynfab trained with the bow from a very early age in his native Wales. Taking up competitive archery Lewys began winning tournaments all over Europe. Soon he was the best archer in Europe. Winning Olympic gold at his first Olympic Games Lewys started getting bored with competitive archery and yearned for another form of competition. He switched over to archery big game hunting in Africa and Asia. Soon that bored him as well so he started hunting man. Eventually he drifted to becoming a mercenary named Saethwyr. He was initially hired by Deacon Kurst to kill the hero Warmage who was interfering with Deacon Kurst’s operations. Defeated by Warmage Lewys escaped custody and took odd jobs across Europe and Africa oftentimes partnering with Master Merc. He still does odd jobs for Deacon Kurst but avoids Warmage. It is assessed he is a minor biokinetic and his GorWol trait provides him with steady nerves, eyesight, aim and calm. Saethwyr is a master archer, one of, if not the best, archer in the world. He is also adept at throwing bladed weapons such as knives and axes. He trained under Master Merc in military skills, firearms, unarmed combat and other skills associated with the life of a mercenary.