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Andrey Semenko joined the Russian Military right out of secondary school. He served in Airborne units for 6 years until he received a transfer to the Federal Security Service’s Alpha Unit. He excelled there for a number of years until he was recruited by Directorate S and KR of the Foreign Intelligence Service. It was here that Andrey truly prospered, refining his already considerable language skills (English, German, Mandarin, Spanish), espionage, counter intelligence, marksmanship and unarmed combat. Receiving missions worldwide to spy on facilities or liquidate targets, Andrey proved to be an outstanding operative. One particular mission in Berlin brought him into conflict with Col Stanislav who was targeted for removal by higher ups. Andrey got the drop on Col Stanislav, but Stanislav made Andrey an offer- Andrey would receive an advanced battle suit and weapons from Col Stanislav if Andrey could kill his handler in Berlin. Andrey was looking for a way out anyway so he decided to do the errand for Stanislav. He killed his handler then faked his own death in an explosion. He took the suit and weapons and embarked on a career as Blood Wolf, super spy/assassin for hire. Blood Wolf wears a lightweight battle suit that provides flight (via jetpack), enhanced senses, cloaking, slightly enhanced strength and durability. He also possesses three advanced firearms (laser assault rifle, laser sniper rifle, laser pistol) and a mace for unarmed combat which can shatter or dent most materials.