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Victoria was an overweight, self conscious woman working as a secretary/receptionist in a large corporate building in Prague when her GorWol trait (Umbrakinesis) manifested. She was on her lunch break and while walking back to her building from a supermarket she was mugged by some hoodlums. Fearing for her life Victoria put her hands up to protect herself from numerous slaps and a bolt of dark energy passed through her hands to one of her attackers. Stunned by what she had done she faced the other hoodlum, deflected his bullets and beat him into consciousnesses. Taking the rest of the day off, Victoria vowed to use her powers for good and began an extreme regimen to shape her body and mind to use her powers. Shadowmynx is an Umbrakinetic and has some Scotokinetic powers. She can control dark energy to project blasts from her hands, create melee weapons (she prefers dark daggers), steal the life force from an opponent, obscure their vision so they are less accurate, create shadow binds to hold an opponent, create fearsome shadow images to scare them, phase her body with shadows, teleport long distances or short combat teleporting, enhance her melee damage with dark energy, and increase her durability to various attacks. She can also use her dark energy to fly and drain the area around her of life to heal herself. She, along with her partner Shocktriss, is a member of ISF Team BRAVO under Gunslingers command.