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Jana Mirtasova was a Czech jewel thief working in the United States for some quick scores. Running afoul of the police, FBI and criminal organizations Jana was found by Col. Stanislav and he sheltered her from her pursuers. It came at a price though. Stanislav drugged her and experimented on her seeing if he could find her GorWol gene. His experiments caused her Gor Wol trait to manifest and she escaped using her new powers to fight off both Col Stanislav and the police. The press named her Betty Blitzkrieg and the name stuck. She now uses her powers to continue as a criminal and even partnered with Galaxa for a time fighting the ISF. Jana is a powerful electrokinetic. She can discharge powerful electric energy bolts from her hands, can disrupt nearby machinery, absorb various forms of energy and re-direct it as electricity, create electric cages, attack the neurological centers of her opponents freezing them, magnetize metals, ride magnetic waves in the air as if flying and ride along electrical currents.