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Marcello Makisig was born without legs in the Philippines but still managed to attend Charles Darwin University, Australia after his family immigrated there. He graduated with degrees in mechanical engineering, physics and robotics. He became a brilliant engineer working on advanced weaponry for the Australian Army until a co-worker stole one of Mercello’s designs and passed it off as his own. Marcello tried in vain to retrieve the designs and after being found rummaging through the thief’s office was fired under the grounds of espionage. Broke and with no place to go, a local criminal gang convinced Marcello to work for them. He helped them break into technology facilities and steal resources he needed to create his armored suit. After stealing what he needed and creating the suit, Marcello put it on, stole money from a nearby bank, gave it to the gang and left to become a criminal. His first stop was to kill his old co-worker. This brought him into conflict with Major Mercury and later Killer Bee. After a few years struggling as a solo villain, Mecha-Viper joined Galaxa’s villain group. The Mecha-Viper suit allows Marcello to fly, slither on the ground, has auto-targeting wrist blasters, a sonic cannon, a rocket launcher, provides enhanced hearing and vision, and protects him from kinetic, fire, energy, acid and cold attacks. The cybernetic tail responds to Marcello’s thoughts and he can coil it around an opponent like an actual snake.