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Nancy Pitton was working as a waitress in rural Texas when her GorWol trait manifested. Feeling that life owed her and finally gave her a break she used her powers to rob the restaurant where she worked, the local bank and a nearby department store. She was detained by ISF member Nighthorn who happened to be in the area investigating another crime. Handed over to the police, Nancy was sent to prison. A few days later Col. Stanislov broke her out of prison and offered to give her a suit and augment her powers if she worked for him. Nancy agreed then took the suit and fled after Stanislov increased her powers. Nancy took the name Honey Badger and fought as a solo villain until Galaxa convinced her to join up. Honey Badger is a biokinetic. She can lift 15 tons (up from her original 1 ton), is fairly durable and a fierce combatant. She also displays some Ergokinesis but limited to generating energy blades from her wrists with assistance from the suit. She recently discovered she could shoot the blades out as energy blasts but the blasts are not as powerful as the wrist blades. Her suit enhances her defensive abilities to withstand high degrees of kinetic attacks.