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Frederico Geatano was a Carabineri Special Intervention Group member when he was shot during a raid at a Mafioso compound. As he lay in the hospital ward Frederico felt abandoned by his unit and the Italian government. Following his discharge from service, Frederico retired to a small villa outside of Naples when he discovered his GorWol trait abilities. He then faked his death, walked over to the local mafia boss, beat up his enforcers and then asked for a position in the organization. He served the Italian Mafia for many years as one of their chief assassins. He eventually left when his mafia boss died and he sold his skills on the world market. This brought him into contact with other Meta Humans and he was hunted for political assassinations. He has standing feuds with Gunslinger, Powerstryke, Lady Dynamic, and Bengal. He recently joined Galaxa’s meta villain squad for more protection and help against the ISF. Darkfist is an Umbrakinetic. He can project dark/negative energy from his body to conceal himself, blind opponents, shoot dark blasts, teleport, create dark shields and see in the dark.