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Mihkail Luskovich was a Belarussian Spetsnaz soldier who volunteered for a special program run jointly by Russians and Belarussians. Mihkail was poked and prodded for weeks until the scientists came up with a special serum to see if they could make him a super soldier. Mihkail took the serum and immediately died. Then he revived himself and displayed tremendous radioactive energy powers. Given the code name Warhead, Mihkail was sent to the US to steal an experimental energy converter from Cray Industries. Warhead easily broke into Cray HQs in Maryland but was stopped by ISF members Kharaman and Crystalfrost. Due to his failure the Belarussian government denied their knowledge of Mihkail and left him to rot in prison in the US. When Dr. Dimento broke Scales out after one of his captures Mihkail also took the opportunity to escape and made his way to Mexico. He worked for a time as muscle for a drug cartel but then left when the cartel was targeted by the ISF. Mihkail then found himself back in Europe working for a mysterious benefactor stealing priceless ancient artifacts. When the benefactor turned out to be Demonmancer, Mihkail ended up fighting both Mystik and Knight Rose before fleeing. Finally Dimento found Mihkail and forced him to join the Dark Cabal. Warhead is a radiakinetic; he can generate radiation energy for various effects. Radiation emanates from his body which harms foes, but empowers and shields him. He uses this energy to absorb damage, heal from wounds and debilitate nearby foes. His melee attacks also have radiation energy in them and he can weaken foes with every blow. Warhead has good resistance to most ballistic and kinetic attacks but has high resistance to energy and toxic attacks. He is super strong and can lift up to 35 tons. He can generate radiation energy behind him and fly through the air.