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Jerry Patterson was a juvenile delinquent in Atlanta where he developed a fascination with fire. By the age of 15 he was a clinical pyromaniac. He was sent to juvenile detention for burning his school down and endangering the lives of his classmates. What really happened was his GorWol trait manifested in a time of stress and he could not control the fire shooting out of his body. A few years later Colonel Stanislav heard of Jerry’s confinement and rescued him. Stanislav then conducted experiments on Jerry’s cell structure and modified his genetic code to help him gain better control of his powers. Jerry battled the ISF as Pro-Pain, using his powers to create wanton destruction and devastation. Currently Jerry is a sometime member of the Galaxa’s villain group due to his penchant for fleeing a battle when the odds are not in his favor. Jerry is a pyrokinetic. Stanislav augmented his powers significantly and Jerry can generate tremendous amounts of fire from his body. He usually likes to build it up before he releases it to create more damage. Jerry has control over the fires he starts/creates but presently he has no control over fires of other origins.