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Justin Hawkins was a regular college student studying languages when his GorWol trait manifested. He was a junior and began to experience migraine headaches when he suddenly lashed out his room light for being too bright and destroyed the bulb with telekinetic powers. Loosely experimenting with his powers he discovered he could read and influence the minds of others. Honing his mind reading skills he easily passed his university tests and graduated with degrees in Spanish and French. Not wanting a regular job, Justin began a life as a grifter, using his powers to help him win just enough money to live comfortably but not enough to arouse suspicions. He lived for a time in Atlantic City, then moved to Las Vegas, then to Tokyo, and Macau. In Macau he ran afoul of some Chinese Triad mobsters and he quickly fled after using his telekinetic powers to save a juicy girl and accidentaly killed a crime boss’s son in the process. He hid out in Dhubai, Sun City, Baden-Baden, Monaco; anywhere where there was gambling, always staying one step ahead of real and imagined pursuers. His life finally caught up with him back in Atlantic City. After the fiasco he was approached to join the ISF. He then changed his name to Justyn Gamble to start a new life. As Lord Psyker he befriended Thunderstike and took over command of ISF Team BRAVO. At the conclusion of the Meta War, after Thunderstikes death, Lord Psyker went AWOL from the ISF hunting for Thunderstikes killer. Upon his return Justyn recruited new manifesters and formed ISF Team CHARLIE. Justyn is a powerful psychokinetic and telekinetic. With his telekinesis he can create force shields, project telekinetic force blasts, move or lift up to 15 tons and create hand held weapons like swords, whips or shields to use in combat. He can also fly and pick up others to fly with him. With his psychokinesis he can attack the minds of others with searing psionic energy damage, confuse opponents, heal himself and protect himself from psionic attacks. He also has some telepathic abilities and can read minds, detect lies and decipher an opponents movements in combat. He is one of the worlds most adept and powerful mentalists.