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Lubva Shenynko was a Ukrainian experimental physicist working on an alternate energy source from asteroids samples found within the Ukraine. She and her colleagues were about to make a breakthrough deciphering the energy emissions from the asteroid samples when an electrical power surge caused the containment cell to fail and Lubva was bombarded with the asteroids energy. Lubva survived but the lab was destroyed in the explosion, including her colleagues. When part of ISF Team DELTA was sent to assist and investigate, Lubva, having gone a bit mad as well, attacked them thinking they came to kill her. She proved to be a formidable foe but she fled before they could take her into custody. Lubva fled into outer space thinking it would kill her, but she survived the vacuum of space and she journeyed to the moon. She encountered Golem there alone and after he spoke to her she helped propel him back to the Earth. Staying on the moon for a time, Galaxa, as she calls herself now, decided the ISF probably caused the electrical surge and she wanted revenge. She traveled back to the Earth and became a regular foe of the ISF, sometimes joining with the Dark Cabal. Galaxa is a photonkinetic; she can generate energy blasts of light, create energy shields of light, heal herself by absorbing light and make her body intangible for brief periods. She can also fly, is super strong (15 tons) and has good durability, especially to heat, fire, cold, ice and energy attacks. While she is brilliant, she is mentally unstable. She recently started gathering her own meta villains for a team to attack the ISF.