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Jessie Morgan Summers was a truck-stop waitress near Portland Oregon rarely leaving the area she grew up in. Distraught over how her life had turned out she packed all her things and hitch hiked her way to LA. On the way to LA she was stopped by a vicious biker gang and was about to be raped when her GorWol trait manifested. She unknowingly shoved all her attackers away from her via intense and focused shockwaves. She managed to kill a couple before the rest fled on their bikes. Fascinated by what she had done she found one biker hiding, the one that convinced the others to grab her, and she spent hours out by a rock out cropping near the highway torturing him and discovering what she could do. After she was done with him she took possession of one of the abandoned bikes and began her criminal career as Vibralass Mistress of Destruction. Her criminal activities brought her into conflict with both the ISF and American Watch. So far she has avoided joining any criminal group. Vibralass possesses vibrakinesis and can generate intense vibrations which can manifest in a number of ways, including destructive shockwaves, subtle frequency matching, and phasing herself through solid substances. Her vibrations can cause an inorganic objects to shatter or crumble into dust. When directed against large objects, like buildings or upon the earth itself, the vibrations can produce effects similar to those of an earthquake or an avalanche within a limited area. She does not create shields with her vibrations but she can protect herself by altering the trajectory of incoming attacks using her vibration waves.