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Deacon Kurst was concerned about Warmage hindering his grand design in Providence so Deacon Kurst hired a few super mercs to deal with Warmage. None were able to kill the hero but some came close. Master Merc was one that came close. Not much is known about him other than he may be British or Australian, is ex special forces from somewhere, and is a master with guns, knives, fists, demolitions and other military skills. Master Merc carries a large bore rifle and uses armor piercing rounds to deal with the increased amount of meta human heroes he crosses in his line of work. He is known to have operated in Central and South America, Africa and in Asia. Gunslinger believes his first name is Dorian since they crossed paths years ago in Asia. It is theorized Master Merc is a minor biokinetic and has increased stamina, reflexes, speed and awareness. He is a dangerous opponent.