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Desmond Rickles was a spoiled rich teen living outside of Miami wasting his life away. His father was a successful land developer and held contempt for how Desmond led his life. Desmond got hooked on drugs and when he overdosed on heroin his GorWol trait manifested after paramedics revived his heart. His skin turned to metal and he generated fire from his body. Desmond got scared and took off running. He soon found himself in Georgia wondering how he had gotten there. Realizing he now had super powers Desmond took the moniker Speed Demon and committed a series of crimes across the south until he was hunted by the ISF. He eluded them and traveled to Providence to re-establish himself there. This brought him into conflict with Warmage. After losing to Warmage Speed Demon was recruited by Deacon Kurst as part of his Sinister Squadron. Speed Demon has metal skin which is hot to the touch and protects him from some attacks. He can generate heat and fire from his body, but he cannot control it. He can run super fast (in excess of 300 mph).