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Jerrol Livingston III is a British archaeological scholar who specializes in ancient Mesopotamian cultures. He is also has an avid arcane researcher. While on a dig in Iraq, Jerrol uncovered an ancient Sumerian text outlining incantations to summon demons and cast other spells. He studied the text for years, memorizing each spell in Sumerian and consulted other sources before he attempted to summon his first demon. He summoned a fire breathing demon and just spoke with the demon for hours. Soon Jerrol was sending his summoned demons out on errands, mostly thievery, while he stayed safe in the comforts of his abode. Eventually Jerrols activities brought him to the attention of Mystik who investigated the criminal activities. Mystik uncovered Jerrols involvement in the crimes and the two fought a vicious battle in the outskirts of London. Mystik won the magical duel and Jerrol fled to Eastern Europe and was found by Dr. Dimento. Jerrol stayed with the Dark Cabal for a few months helping them battle the ISF during the Meta War. Currently Jerrol is no longer with the Dark Cabal and his whereabouts are unknown. Jerrol is a Demonmancer- he can summon demons from another dimension to do his bidding. These demons all posses super human strength and durability. Some of the demons posses other abilities like fire, ice or negative energy generation. Jerrol is also skilled in the mystic arts and can cast spells for various effects.