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Dietrich Junger was always different from other people growing up. He always had a wid streak and grew up a loner. Athletically gifted in sports, Dietrich rarely played team sports due to his fear that people would pick on him for his oddness. After high school Dietrich drifted from manual labor jobs around Germany, sometimes living in the wild. One day while travelling to Munich in search of employment, Dietrich was accosted by some Nazi Skinheads out on the road. As they began to beat on him, his GorWol trait manifested. His fingernails grew in length and became razor sharp, his skin turned an ash color and he raged at them with an animal-like ferocity. Labeled a freak he was incarcerated on murder charges when Power Stryke and Genie appeared in his cell. After determining his innocence from reading his mind, Genie teleported the group away to ISF HQs. Vargr, as he is now called, works with Vikka to calm the savage animal inside. Dietrich is a therianthropic who turns into a Lycanthrope or werewolf. In his bio-morphed form he has increased strength in the 10 ton range, enhanced agility, speed and senses and sharp claws. His lycanthrope form makes him very swift and nimble making it hard for opponents to hit him. His increased muscle mass and tough hide gives him a limited form of protection against kinetic attacks. His claws are sharp enough to tear flesh, brick, concrete and can scratch steel. He does maintain his intelligence when in lycanthrope form but he can easily fly into a savage rage and lose control.