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Mad Jack

@prswirve said:

cool twins!


Sadly, they are pretty sick bastards:

Alisa and Alexey Rasputin are descendants of the russian Magician Grigori Jefimowitsch Rasputin and as such natural conductors of magic energies.

Alisa can telepathically read the subconscious of people and inflict pain to any living creature to control them in this way mentally like puppets to do any of her biddings.
Alexey is capable to siphon the vital energy of beings to amplify his own powers and can accelerate the aging process of any matter or organism till they crumble to dust.

When the twins touch each other, the can perform dark magic – the more intense the contact, the more powerful the magic (don’t ask, don’t tell) – for a quick spell they carry a small body part of each other around.

Hmm, maybe I’m sick too by coming up with such things… oO