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thanks Herr D, its always good to get others opinions as is always a little harder to form my own on which i like better when i made them and like them all. I like your choice and agree too that i like the 1st pic w/out the grid background but didnt like the face. and after rearranging the looks and not being able to change the face along with it i decided just to leave it how it ended up. I like the 4th face too. and not sure what yo mean by signing your photographs, but if you mean that i like your characters you create then yes, i have visited your thread and liked many but not sure how i mustve signed them.

anyway, here is a quick character my brother came up with so i thought id post it and take any good comments it might garner.
name: toxion
cat: sticky
powers: exhales a poisonous nerve gas. can also fly short distances. sticky the cat has no power except to be immune to toxions poisonous gases.