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my next creation
real name: traxx lichneste-hazage / khkotial (martian)
known as’: trax
origin/powers: khkotial was a martian lab test subject but unsure what for. he was 18 when he crash landed on earth during a failed earth scout misson. he was then found unconscious by orm’s (maver) parents in 1980. and shortly after adopted by them. he was given the name traxx and became mavers half brother. traxx’ powers manifested when he struggled to adjust to earths atmosphere. he gained accelerated muscle growth and bone density, enhanced agility and balance. he has shown to be able to control or negate inertia often seen turning quickly while moving at fast speeds, and can dodge most things with ease. because of his obvious difference in appearance he has been kept hidden away since his unfortunate arrival but there are some government agencies that know of his existence. to earths benefit, he has used his powers for the good of mankind in helping serve a greater purpose. in saying that he has allied himself with mars enemy and has to prepare himself to fight his own kind somewhere in the future. he is currently venturing towards the Nepal territory in search of peace and study.
appearance: other than his grey skin, trax has a blue fluorescent glow around him that gives him a cool blue effect when he is in motion. his eyes change colour from black, reddish pink and bright yellow.

1st trax
2nd trax
3rd trax
4th trax

note: the faces of all four versions of trax are different. what one do you like the most?