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@Kaylin88100 said:

Great start, and welcome! However, the red and black character sort of blends into the red and black background, especially in the top half where there’s less white to break it up. It’s a cool background, but I think it distracts the eye from the equally cool character. Maybe you could tone it down a little, or just post a version with no background?

I agree with toning down the color saturation of the background a bit, but I actually like the three-color concept. It looks very graphic, almost like a propaganda poster or 1960s novel cover. A possible solution is to insert the rectangle gradient from the last page of Backgrounds Shapes between the figures and the background. Increase the size so it covers the whole canvas; use, say, 15% gray for all the colors, and reduce the alphas for all colors to around 10%. Another possibility is to add a white outline around the figures.

Or you could ignore me and enjoy your piece as is, because it’s pretty good.