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@Herr D said:

Were you thinking Rutger Hauer? Of your ‘reglar peeps,’ your vbss guy is better. I think it’s the sunglasses. You should have him go to ‘professionally visit’ your sharkman, not knowing, have his sunglasses bitten off and need to defend himself or be rescued in the next frame by the vbss guy. Definitely needs action. The same problem is had by actors playing roles with sunglasses. They always come off as too mechanical or angst-ridden. –Of course, that did help Arnie’s performance in T1 . . .

ooh. Are you planning a sing-off ending in a real fight between your humanoid creatures? Mr. Shark could cover something by Great White, shown up by Wally with “All The Girls I’ve Loved Before,” etc? Kara-okey-DOKEY!

Wasn’t thinking Rutger Hauer, honestly. At least you didn’t make a Duke Nukem accusation! Laugh