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@Lord_Obsidious said:
Mad Jack, you mean to say that Mata Nui was no a reference to Bionicle???

Had to google what you mean, so no – never heard of that Mata Nui before. Actually the name Mata’Nui was meant as a reference to “Rapa Nui” – better known as the Easter Island which is famous for its large stone statues, or moai, who I think look very alien-like. But I’m glad you told me about this since I only know Bionicle by name. Guess I have to change the name of one my main alien species now …

Bionicle is sadly discontinued, and since Mata Nui was at various times an island, a great spirit, creator god, giant robot, biomech gladiator, slightly smaller giant robot and saviour; I’m sure your “Greys” idea will be fine. Besides, Lego couldn’t copyright many of their Bionicle names because they came from another language.