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Thanks for the constructive critique. I find after staring at the same image for a long period of time, you become blind to certain aspects of the pic. I’m always looking to improve and value everyone’s input. You are correct with the hands and feet being a little off. They were the last things to be done and I did rush them. My main focus for the pic were the legs and torso. I could also improve on the neck region. It doesn’t seem to work for me. Needs more shadows.

With getting gradients small enough is a tricky task. The smaller the gradient, the more concentrated the color is which makes it seem brighter. When I am adding the highlights to my pics, I go ahead and all the gradients where I think there needs to be highlighting. After that, it’s a matter of blending the colors. Fading the gradients to match where the highlight area is so it looks more believable. Take for example the inner thigh. It still is highlighted with the same gradient as the outer thigh, but I did dim it because it would be darker in the shadow between the legs. There is a lot of trial and error. Sometimes when I think I’ve hit the wall, I will take a break and revisit it with fresh eyes. It is amazing how you see things that you missed when you come back to the image. Hope this helps.