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@ams said:

Thanks to all for the great feedback!

So, I’m always looking to perfect the “Zypping” on my characters. Today, I took the male human body and just focused on highlighting and shading. What do you think? I found a small trick for the legs and I think they are the best shading I have done. I would like you “machiners to really critique all the sections of the body (legs,hands, torso…etc) and let me know what works the best.


Okay, here goes. The seams where the hands meet the forearms and where the feet meet the lower legs are visible. Also, the gradients on the backs of the hands and the tops of the feet may be a tad too large. The effect is not as subtle or organic as the rest of the lighting effects. They read more obviously as gradient circles, unlike the rest of the zypping (which is great BTW). The face, in particular, is very well done. A question, I often struggle with feeling like I can’t get the gradients small enough to work in certain areas that can be pivotal to the overall effect. Do you have this issue, and how do you approach it? Thanks. Love you work as always.