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Finally sat down and finished the last character(s) in my OZ series.

Officer Dorothy Gale has been through the most fantastic adventure in anyone life time. In her travels she has meet wondrous and magical people that have truly change and influenced her life. Now in her adult life, she tries to uphold the essence of her 3 companions (brains, heart and courage) and use them to bring balance in her job in law enforcement. One day, she rediscovers the glowing ruby slippers that had transported her to OZ and places them on her feet again. With her faithful dog, Munchy, Dorothy is instantly transported back to the yellow brick road only to discover that another dark shadow has fallen on OZ. When searching for her friends that brought back order to this fabled place once before, she finds 3 souls that have lost their way from the gifts they received long ago. Scarecrow, who now wonders the country side as a recluse, is so intelligent he is now withdrawn into himself. The Tin Man whose heart is so big is now overprotective an unable to love for the fear it will be broken. And lastly, the Lion, fearless and reckless. He cannot pass on any challenge and has truly turned wild.

Now it is up to Dorothy to bring her friends back together and show them their downfalls so they can find what has turned this extraordinary place into chaos once again.

So this is the story that had been floating in my head for a sequel to The Wizard of Oz. Feels good to finally get it out.