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Thank you ‘machiners!

I actually went and looked back at how many insignia shapes I used for both pics. Deducting a couple for non masked items, I used 17 shapes for STEEL WOLF and 25 for AGENT 42X to mask articles to my wishes. I am surprise not more, sure felt like it. Total item count for both were roughly 185.

@ Lightningsword – The Belt is made from a steel collar from Neckwear and a couple of shapes. The “V” is created by using a triangle shape with a torso masked to it, giving the illusion of the “V”.

@ livewyre – If I could only tap into some of your ideas and creativity. I’m very stale for new concepts.

@ Nug – That is the fun in Heromachine. Trying to figure out how someone built custom items. But you need only ask, I’m pretty transparent on techniques. Maybe something I do gives someone else the spark to create new techniques to evolve the machine. I know I have learnt much from old and new users. It’s all perspective….and thanks for the compliments!

Big ol’ Cheers!