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but… WOW just few line… WOW, just WOW
I am absolutely stunned. I didn’t expect so fantastic response.

Weilyn you have very nice language, vocabulary and method of telling story. You basically created plot for whole book no mention that You just make preaty interesting character based on some simple picture. I realy love world and realities you use, i see parallel to Rome conquer of Britain. It’s quite similar to what i had in mind but i will tell more after contest. Prswirve is right, it could become very interesting fantasy/pseudohistory world. I salute to your writing skills. Ow and freaking illustrations are freaking good.

Herr D, you in the other hand take quite suprising twist in your story. My reactions during reading was like: interesting, wait what, ow my its brutal, wait what, ow that was unexpect. Quite an amount of quite dark humor what i realy appreciate.