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Osez Marcher avec l’obscurité: Episode 5
Story and Characters by DC-Lover & The Atomic Punk

Francois leapt from one building to the next at great speed. His momentum carrying him through the air and gravity pulling him back to the stone roofs below him. The cold crisp night air brushing against his face made him feel at ease and alive. He recalled his childhood and when he had started free running. How afraid he was of taking that first leap from one small shipping crate from another. Now look at him. Flipping through the air and landing safely on the buildings across streets with such grace people often speculated that Audere could fly. Of course it was hard work and training that gave Audere this skill and not some super power.
Audere was returning to the scene of the crime from the last night. He hoped that his actions had left some sort of impression on that of Tenebre and it would grant them a meeting tonight. He leapt over the last gap separating him from the building just above the crime scene. As he landed on the roof he rolled so to come to a halt in his tracks. Audere approached the edge of the building and looked down to see a man in the shadows looking around suspiciously. Standing on the fire escape, Audere decided to get the man’s attention.

“Bonjour monsieur.” Audere called down to the man getting his attention.
“I wonder if you..” Before Audere could finish the man threw a knife at Audere.
Dodging the knife, Audere grabbed the railing of the fire escape and swung down to the next level. The man began to run out of the alleyway, but it wasnt out of fear he ran. It was as if he was trying to lead Audere somewhere.
“Arrêter” Audere shouted as he leapt down to the ground almost botching his landing.
A slight pain ran up his leg as he looked towards the running man who was now motioning him to follow in a mocking tone.Realising that this man may not speak French Audere decided to use english for the remainder of this cat and mouse game.
“Stop” Audere shouted as he ran towards the man who dashed from the alleyway across the street.
Audere ran with great speed after the assailant or whoever this man might be. The cold air of the night was no longer welcoming to Audere as it felt as if it was trying to knock each breath out of him with each breath he took.The man had knocked over some crates in an attempt to stall Audere, but to no avail. Audere had simply leapt and flipped over the crates while maintaining his momentum. The alleys grew darker and darker as the chase continued. This man knew the alleyways far better than Francois did and therefore had the advantage, but what he didn’t realise was that nothing got Francois more excited than a good chase. He was going to enjoy this night.
Just as Audere had believed he had lost the man he spotted him in a distance waiting for Audere. Audere saw that by the man’s stance he was not running anymore. Audere didnt want to take anymore chances with this opponent and walked slowly towards him, lessening the distance between them with each step he took. It was then that man spoke.
“Are you the man responsible for last nights “Heroic” feat?” The man asked saying heroic in a rather condescending manner.
“Oui. Yes I am, if you are refering to the two thugs now in Hospital.” Audere said smiling walking slowly towards the man.
“And are you working for anyone? The Maldoni Family perhaps? Or perhaps the Don?” The man questioned as a knife almost hit Audere’s foot.
“Answer before you take another step.” He demanded as he watched Audere.
“I know not of who you speak of. I am here to meet your local vigilante…” Audere confessed as he now noticed he had been brought into a trap.
When he assumed he had the upper hand once he had backed this man into a corner he was wrong. This masked man had a good aim and was missing on purpose and with Audere almost out of breath he was not sure if he could dodge many more of this mans knives. He walked closer to the man. There was still hope that Audere could gain the upper hand here ,but he needed to take a few more steps forward. He needed to do what he did best. Talk.
“What is your name?” He said as Audere took another step forward.
“That is a rather redundant question. Do you not agree?” Audere said as he took a small step forward.
“Excuse me?” The man asked confused at this response.
“Well you are asking a masked man who he is..” He said as he took another step foward.
“…When clearly he wears a mask so as not to reveal who he is.” Audere said as he got into position for his next move.
“I would rather you not talk to me as if I was a child” The man said as he lifted another knife from his pocket.
“Very well…” Audere launched a cable towards the masked man which he dodged as it hit a cardboard box.
Looking back towards Audere he prepared to throw his knife that would surely hit Audere.
“Audere..” Audere said smiling as he pressed the retract button pulling the cable back towards him and smashing the box against the mans back.
A rather dangerous and unpredictable move Audere would agree, but he was backed into a corner and did not want to be taken out of the game this early.
He approached the man who rose back to his feet.
“And you are?” Audere asked gripping his bo staff.
“Tenebre” The man responded to Audere.