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Osez Marcher avec l’obscurité: Episode 3
Story and Characters by DC-Lover & The Atomic Punk

Francois sat in the park watching the world walk by him, sipping coffee and enjoying perhaps the only peaceful place in this entire city.The park had everything from a small pond to feed the ducks to young couples enjoying picnics. It was a showcase of tranquility that Francois enjoyed immensely. This feeling was short lived as thoughts of the Hanging men returned. The scene last night had stirred some uncomfortable memories from his first year as Audere. To Francois the violence that this, Tenebre, exhibited was a cry out for guidance. A misguided vigilante that needed to realise that murder and intimidation does not win over the people they are trying to save. Francois started to sound like his father. Francois watched the families as they passed him by, causing him to remember his family once again. He wondered what his mother and father were doing right now? He wanted some excitement tonight. He watched as a single mother walked by him swaying her hips, knowing he was looking she looked back and smiled at him. He would have to come back here tomorrow and get her number. Tonight though he would have some fun around town.He got up from the park bench and started walking back to his hotel.

Up in his room, Francois picked up his black case and looked through the contents. Francois realised that he couldn’t leave his work at home and relax. Activating the jammer again, he began taking off his clothes. Nobody likes to be watched by a peeping tom.Then a thought came to him as he stripped down and began putting on Audere’s suit. What if the drive to put on this suit wasn’t Francois’ masochism, but rather his moral duty to point this Tenebre in the right direction? But was it really his place to guide someone when he himself was more impulsive than a five year old child. He pulled his long coat around his outfit and shoved his mask into his coat pocket then left the hotel as fast as he entered.

The moral dilemma continued to thrash about his mind as he leapt from building to building. Does Audere attempt to make contact with Tenebre and take him under his wing? Or does he leave the man(or woman) and their city to themselves? Audere was pulled out of his deep thought by a scream down an alleyway.
“Que quelqu’un m’aide! Somebody Help me!” she screamed in panic.
Francois’ supposed that answered his question. He pulled on his mask and dropped down to the alley’s dark passage. He came face to face with a young woman being held at knife point by a thug.
“Bonjour monsieur! Pouvez-vous me au poste de police le plus proche diriger?” Francois asked as he cracked his knuckles.
The silence that followed him made the crack of each bone echo in the alleyway. He hoped this message was loud enough for Tenebre.