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Osez marcher avec l’obscurité: Episode 9
Story and Characters by DC-Lover & The Atomic Punk

Francois approached the Chez Rothschild with his date walking beside him. He had to admit that it was ironic how the shy spectacled girl from hours earlier in the park Ms Swan, had transformed into the beauty that was now accompanying him. He was dressed in a black silk suit, a white shirt and a red tie which he rented from the hotel. Say what he wanted about the city itself, it clearly had a style about it. The suit costed him about 75 dollars to rent, which was a great price for a suit of this magnitude. Of course if anything happened to the suit it would cost him about 5 times that amount, so he had to make sure he didn’t run off spill anything on it. Andrea on the other hand had went all out in her appearance. She had come in a white dress that made her look like something out of a Hollywood magazine.
“She truly is a swan” Francois thought to himself as they walked towards the maître d.
“Bonjour monsieur et Madame. Comment puis-je vous aider? How can I help you?” the maître d repeated as he looked over both Francois and Andrea’s appearance.
“We have a reservation.” Francois said as he smiled at the judging maître d.
“Under?” The maître d asked as he looked at the couple before him.
“Mr Francois Indere’s and Ms Andrea Swan.” Francois responded smiling at his date.
“Oh oui. Right this way sir” the maître d said smiling as he lead the two to their table.
Francois never liked this kind of restaurant as it stank of corruption and expensive food. He sighed a little in despair at the thought of the prices, but was quickly brought back when he saw the smiling face of his date. He sat across from her as she read the menu. He glanced at it and saw what he would want almost instantly. He smiled and leaned back as the waiter came to them.
“Might I offer Madame and Monsieur some wine?” He offered as Andrea put the menu down.
“Um…I don’t know. Is there any recommendations?” Francois asked as smiled at his date.
Francois believed he looked like an idiot at this point doing nothing but smiling all the time at the lovely Andrea and he green emerald eyes.
“Just bring us a good bottle my dear sir” Francois said as he looked back towards his date.
“L’oeil du diable it is sir” The waiter said as he walked away.
Andrea began to giggle to herself in a very cute way. Her laughter reminded him of a kitten in a way. So cute and harmless.
“What is it?” Francois said smiling wanting to be involved in the joke.
“Something in my hair?..” He asked combing his hand through his hair.
“No..You just ordered a 200 dollar bottle of wine” she said smiling back at Francois.
Francois was shocked at this and felt that he was going to paying a lot for this date. Yet he saw the humour in this and began to laugh.
“Oh wow. I guess I should have been paying more attention huh? Imbécile” Francois said as he slapped his own forehead.
His laughter came to a slow halt as he felt a warm hand on his own. He looked down and saw the smiling Andreas hand caressing his knuckle.
“Thank you Francois. I have not laughed like that in a while” She said with a smile that made Francois feel and blush like a young boy again.
“You’re most welcome Andrea.” He said blushing back at her.

“That was delicious” Andrea said as her plate was taken from her by the waiter.
“Oui it was.” Francois said smiling across the table at Andrea.
“So what is it…Francois Indere’s does for a living?” She asked smiling back at him.
Francois paused as images of criminals and Audere sprang to mind at the thought of that question. Leaping from one building to another as the crooks escaped and always leaving before the cops arrived. He could not tell her this.
“Oh I am an Architect professionally, but I keep myself busy with other activities.” Francois answered truthfully as best he could.
“My that is interesting. You can afford a meal like this on an Architects salary?” She asked jokingly in a confident manner.
“Oh and what does Ms Andrea Swan do for a living?” Francois asked rubbing Andrea’s hand and leaning in a little to kiss her.
Her lips were soft against his as they shared each other’s breath. He slowly pulled away smiling at Andrea trying to think of something cleaver to say to her.
“Don’t change the subject” He said smiling causing her to giggle.
“She’s a reporter” An approaching voice answered that ruined the moment for both Andrea and Francois. He was dressed in a buttoned t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
“Bertrand?” Andrea said in a rather confused voice.
“What are the chances of us meeting at this restaurant?” Bertrand asked in a rather sly way.
“Oh I hope I’m not interrupting Libreville’s most celebrated reporter’s date am I?” He asked rather calmly as he pulled up a chair.
“Bertrand. Please we were in the middle of something.” Andrea pleaded as Bertrand sat down.
“Oh come now. Just one or two questions and I’ll be gone.” Bertrand responded.

“Excuse me… Andrea who is this man?” François asked looking at the intruder with a mix of discomfort, disdain and slight Deja-vu.
“Francois Inderes meet Bertrand Fournier” Andrea introduced the men as all her confidence seemed to disappear.
“Of the Fourneir family?” Francois asked shaking Bertrand’s hand.
“So you have heard of my father’s organisation.” Bertrand answered realising that this man was no more a threat to him than that of an insect.
“OH? Who has not heard of your family?” Francois said lying to the now intrigued Bertrand.
Francois smiled as he realised that this man was a member of the Family he and Tenebre were trying to take down. Francois realised that having this man as a friend could be useful in taking down the Fourneir family and perhaps the Maldoni family as well.
Bertrand on the other hand passed his attention to something besides the dolt she had reduced herself to.
“So Andrea what do you know of the events of Club Nico over the last two/three nights?” Bertrand asked to make the sound like he was trying to cover up something more convincing.
“Um…Nothing yet why?” Andrea said as she began to get nervous.
“Oh nothing. Just you know avoid it if you know what’s good for you…” Bertrand said as he looked at her with the dead eyes that he knew caused people to feel uncomfortable or even frightened. This was one of the many tactics he used to get what he wanted at any time. A quick threat and the dead stare always did the trick.
“Um…Okay Bertrand” Andrea said as she leaned away from Bertrand.
“And what about the men that attacked you…that was you was it not?” Bertrand continued twisting the metaphorical knife in Andrea’s wound.
“Bertrand please.” Andrea pleaded once again trying to salvage what was left of the night.
“Excuse me sir! You shouldn’t talk to Ms Swan like that.” Francois interfered starting to get angry at this man harassing Andrea.
“Would be a shame if that happened again wouldn’t it?” Bertrand continued as he smiled sadistically believing he was fully in control of the situation.
“What happened? You poke your nose into someone else business…” Bertrand was cut off as Francois sprang from his seat.
“Andrea. I think it’s time to leave.” Francois announced.
Andrea got up from her seat and hurried over to Francois’ side.
“It was an experience meeting you Mr Fourneir, but we must be going.” Francois said as he left his threw money down on the table and stormed off.

Outside in the parking Francois waited for a taxi for him and Andrea as they both stood in silence. Suddenly Andrea began to cry into her hands causing Francois to hold her close to him.
“Quoi de mal Mon Cher?” Francois asked knowing full well it was that man from inside.
“I’m sorry Francois…I ruined such a great night” She said through her tears.
There were two things Francois hated in this world. One was of course criminals taking advantage of the weak, the other was seeing a woman cry. It always inspired great amounts of anger in his body to see a woman break down and cry. Footsteps echoed towards the two as they waited for a Taxi.
“Andrea! I have some more questions for you.” Bertrand Fourneir approached smiling at the two.
“The young lady does not wish to converse any longer with you Mon ami.” Francois said not making eye contact with him.
“Listen ‘Mon Ami’…I am not trying to talk to you. I am just asking the lovely Ms. Swan some questions.” Bertrand said sounding impatient and rather irritated at the fact this dolt thought they were on the same level.
“Mr Fournier I am warning you to leave us be right now” Francois warned as he tightened his fist.
“Andrea. Your taste in men has clearly dropped since…” Before he could finish his sentence Francois’ fist connected with Bertrand’s face sending the man back a few steps.
“Qu’est-ce que l’enfer!” Bertrand shouted as he held his face with his bandaged hand.
“I warned you Mon ami” Francois said Parting his legs to get into a fighting position.
Bertrand threw a punch at Francois in an attempt to hit him. Missing, Bertrand was once again struck by the man’s fist sending him back a few more steps. He felt something roll around in his mouth and spat it out into his hand. A tooth. Not only had Bertrand injured his hand earlier today but now some moronic troglodyte had knocked out one of his teeth.
“You dare!” Bertrand erupted as he threw the tooth aside.
“I do” Francois said as both men stopped in their tracks.
This scene seemed very familiar to them and caused them both to back away from each other slightly.
“Have we met? I am referring to events prior to this of course.” Bertrand asked examining Francois.
A taxi pulled up to the now scared Andrea who had been watching the fight the whole time. Francois felt awful having subject Andrea to conflict. Francois opened the door of the cab for Andrea as Bertrand repeated himself.
“Have we met Mr Inderes?” He repeated watching Francois.
“I sincerely hope not sir.” Francois answered getting into the taxi.
“Jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons.” Bertrand shouted smiling at them.