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The Atomic Punk

Osez marcher avec l’obscurité: Episode 8
Story and Characters by DC-Lover & The Atomic Punk

Jean-Michel tossed the second spent cigarette into Bertrand’s coffee cup then rose to his feet. For that alone, Bertrand wanted to slice his neck from ear to ear. Jean-Michel put his hand on Bertrand’s shoulder and smiled through the stitches on his lip.

“Bertie, I need you to do me a favor,” Jean-Michel said as if he and his cousin were old friends. “You have always been the clean, quiet one of the family. You’ve never got your hands dirty. That makes you perfect. You have no enemies and you don’t have a history with les gendarmes.”

Bertrand eyed his cousin suspiciously. Though Jean-Michel was right. Bertrand had never been arrested. He had several connections with the other crime families and corrupt officials. In fact, there had been a few times that he mediated peace and brokered deals. Unlike the Don and Jean-Michel, Bertrand was no thug. He did not wear tailor-made suits like Jean-Michel. However, Bertrand had a style and business-like demeanor that earned him trust.

Jean-Michel continued, “Bertrand, I need to find Ténèbre. We’ve tried to flush him out before with goons and foot soldiers. Now, I need to find out who he really is. This has become personal. We need to hit him at home.”

Bertrand put his good hand on Jean-Michel’s. His eyes glowed. The prospect of leading Jenny into a trap was too good to pass.

“D’accord, mon frère,” Bertrand said with a smile. “We’ll get the bastard. I’ll start with our reporter friend, Ms. Swan.”

Jean-Michel showed himself out the door. Bertrand waved but kept his bloody hand hidden behind his back. Bertrand returned to the bathroom to mend his hand. He lost himself and began laughing like an evil genius. Parfait!

He regained his composure and dialed Andrea Swan’s cell number. Andrea said that she could not meet with Bertrand because of a prior engagement. Bertrand knew that Andrea liked to dine at Chez Rothschild. Poor sucker, Bertrand thought. He will wind up buying a hundred dollar bottle of wine and be lucky to get a second date.

At the hotel across town, François was getting ready for a pleasant evening with a charming young lady. His upcoming rendezvous with Ténèbre in theQuartier-Sauterelle was the furthest thing from his mind.

The Romeo’s phone buzzed with a text from Marie: Mob alert, Maldonis are hiring outside muscle. François realized that he had spent so much time chasing Ténèbre that he had forgot to get word on the street about the local players. Vacation… François chuckled. Marie had sent him on an assignment.

Maybe he asked the reporter on a date because subconsciously he knew that he would be put to work. Then again, François always enjoyed the company of soft green eyes and long blonde tressels. What better way to investigate and at the same time make pleasant conversation.