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Herr D

Well, the clearer deadline didn’t work. Still just two.

1. I love seeing alien species, monsters, etc. Both of these guys are enough to make me homesick–I mean–happy.
2. Both entries did use at least one item in an innovative way. Props to NHA for belt item as paint holders–magnetic?
3. Both good illustrations in general. Subjective illustration issues were secondary. (NHA? Where’s the white paint spray can? Keric? I’m having trouble with trajectory–can’t figure out where the horseshoe tosser stood. Both have possible explanations.)
4. Emotional effect. That’s what decided this one. The graffiti artist obviously has a good potential for story behind him, but pain and shock of breaking dentition just drew me right into the plight of the horseshoe spectator. Having a tusk broken would hurt worse than having your eyestalk used as a jum–

. . . okay, it would hurt a lot. I’m REALLY glad I wasn’t him. The whole rest of the picnic would be ruined. No crunchy Yrnubaw for Mr. Sonofa. Keric wins. Congratulations, Keric. Get your choices ready. You’re the next judge of OPMC!