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Herr D

Hey, nice turnout! [guzzles drink, tosses into trashcan] Let’s do this!
Taking the last letter of screen names for convenience, consistency, and Krankheit. Sick of TYPING, in this case–too many resumes–
Story score: C4.4G3R4.5
Bkgd score: C3.5G2R3.5
Item chair: C3.2G3.2R5
Item hair: C3.2G4R4
Item handle: C4.5G3R5
Whistles: C1G5R1
Items-story: C8G5R6
Emotional: C9G9.5R9

For story, G gave us an iteration of the creation destroying the creator, and not without flavor. I give that an average score among artists like us. C gave us a great sulk, very concise and emotive. R only slightly beat him there with a plucky under-robot . . . Under-robo-dog? Whatever.
In backgrounds, G got rated down for an almost jarring lack of gore. Not even a bloody footprint or broken wall? As for R, good juxtaposition and placement. As for C, the testing center somehow looks right being spartan, and the elements chosen were story-oriented and appropriate.
The chair was a chair, a facility logo, and a robot head–G, if you had named the facility The Seat Of Power, or something, your score here would have been higher. As a robot head, built-in antennae and eyes are the most ingenious.
The hair was hair, C3P0 sides, and, uh-hmm. If I had been sure whether that was a broken or unfinished arm or a nanite-cord device, I would have scored that higher, too.
The handle was a handle, a lock-belt (and horns?), and limbs. An alien race probably DOES have a belt that you position and then lock in place by touching the button on the end. There’s only one reason I found the limbs idea more ingenious. That freaking elbow. It looks just right. The pose incorporated it perfectly.
As for the items contributing to the story, a score of 5 means they didn’t fail to belong. That elbow actually did rear it’s ugly — uh, elbow again because it CREAKED at me. C’s chair was part of the indignity suffered by poor G’Acknar. Almost a time-out for the alien Rastafarian samurai. Worth a few more points.
I tried to give a rough emotional value in numbers based on how the pic as a whole affected me. G won that category. I did, however, identify strongly with all three entries. C and R had much more dramatic and story-matching posing, so this score is a lot closer than the whistles category
The whistles category is an experiment. I’m not sure I like it yet. A one means no glaring errors in graphic logic. G did a lot of masking separate items, so much that it was practically highlighting and shading. He got back quite a few points here. Obviously lots of work.

By my rubric summation, that means the robotic Reepacheep by mattisagameR won. Pick 3 and prepare to judge next week!

: I hope you saved that, b/c some blood spatter in the background and some editing on that backstory will give you a fantastic thread entry, contest or no. I hope to see it.

: As your consolation prize, b/c you deserve one, know that I taught my 4-year-old to have her ‘bad guys’ say “v’nask!” as their bad word so she won’t feel the need to say a REAL bad word she probably overheard from television. (I’m not always fast enough with the remote. As a public service announcement, all parents should consider turning the volume down before turning off the television.)