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Herr D

Now this was hard. I REALLY love alternate anatomies, worlds, combinations of all kinds.
Fudgee? I almost gave this to you because that mix, and the ear studs that I almost missed, is REALLY good. I hope you saved that and do more with the base concept. If there is any flaw, it’s that I can’t figure out whether those are wings, weapons hanging, genengineered bone spurs or worn armor. Do something else with those and give him a background and backstory on your thread. That’s too good to end here. I want to see it develop. Smile
Luc? I know you could improve this, and I hope you do. ‘Cuz I wanna SEE! Smile The style mixed realism and cartoon in a way that screams “Luc usually does more consistent styles within his work, this jarred me.” I am guessing that ‘realizing’ the speaker rather than ‘cartoonifying’ the rest would make a better piece. The more-developed story concept and the laugh it gave me is what won this contest. Take it away, Luc.