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Herr D

Judging time–oh, and belated thanks for prior congratulations. Here goes:
At the speed of light came WiFi man! MithrilFrog made a good solid character that I DO wish existed. Backplane item as energy effect was a good idea. Frankly, if there had been a background, he would have rated higher. Background is the only thing ‘missing’ compared to the others.
. . . And out of the dark, came Beta9! Greentiger made one of those characters designed to aid humans in destroying themselves. (I have to agree with Waterson’s Hobbes–mankind “doesn’t need the help.”) A black background will probably always be better than none. Though you said you couldn’t think of anything, you did actually get me to pay more attention than normal to this sort of character by virtue of the earrings. Very good. The other items as energy effects were also good choices. Or was the goatee a part of him?
. . . And from the depths in the twilight storm, came The Listener! The backplane and facial hair combined very well in that forbidding visage. I instantly had to ponder whether they were prehensile or poisonous or pretty sexy to another of it’s kind. Use of the insignia item as a genuine signal tower with built-in energy effect did something even more unexpected. It drew me in and caused me to WONDER. I couldn’t help but story a little bit. ‘He heard the signal and he came.’ I have to give this one to Luc before I’m stuck writing another story! LUC! PICK THREE! GO!