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@ JR:
Ok man bare with me as I explain this to the best of my ability.

You start off with the body…

Then you mask this top to it…

Take these insignias and play around with them until they line up with you liking on the breast. Then mask each insignia to its own body.

Here I imagine is where I lose you when trying to figure it out…
I’m gonna post this pick and then explain:
The flap of fabric drooping from the breast is just a cape shoulder piece stretched till it looks good.
The crinkles and folds in the bottom of the shirt are the belt pictured. Its also masked to a body. I include a pic with the mouse hovered over so you can see through it and kinda see how it lines ups. What you can’t see however are the insignias I used to cover up any lines I didn’t want to appear in the belt. I’m not quite sure how many it took. You may also notice in the picture there is another square insignia outlined in red near her legs. This is full body piece just masked to the insignia and hidden underneath the shirt used just to get the legs how i wanted.

I hope this helps JR. If you have further questions just let me know.