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@ JR: Yeah it really did man! I truly appreciate the advice, and you noticed some things as well that I wasn’t too happy about either. I created depth but didn’t give any to my character. I liked it better with just a black background. Without the candles and glow it wasn’t gonna push what i was going for in trying to define her character…maybe. People around here have good imaginations. ( You all know who you are… for anyone else reading ) I also appreciate the fresh perspective on the face. I’m thinking an aura may be the trick! Also a customized face instead of using a premade couple mixed together. I’ve also been hesitant about shading characters made without black outlines. I haven’t seen many examples of that around… but thats kinda what this piece is to me…pushing limits, and working with stuff im not comfortable with, so yeah that’ll probly happen. That second pattern circle is something i’m gonna have to try out too. Thanks for that, because no there are none on it. I Rarely use that… if ever I appreciate the chat JR!